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Many people read the BB for a while before posting a message. To those of you who are new please consider the following:

1. Many of us have never seen anyone else with Blepharospasm.

2. Most of us have people stare strangely at us in stores or other public places.

3. Many of us have had friends fall away because they do not understand, are afraid of catching 'it' or just do not know what to say to us.

4. The general population does not do 'different' well.

5. Most all of us have had others, including physicians, tell us that it must be psychological in makeup.

6. Our eyes can be fine one day, moment, second and rotten the next.

7. All of us feel alone and sorry for ourselves at times.

8. All of us have been misdiagnosed one or more times.

9. We are only alone if we choose to be with this disorder. Thus the existence of this Bulletin Board.

10. It helps to be able to identify with others who are experiencing the same problem.

Judy Blackman

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