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Posted by marie berger , Jul 22,2001,13:55   Archive
I haven't posted in quite some while. Not much new to tell. Same old, same old. Had my 4th set of Botox injections at the beginning of June. (March's dose never really took effect). Also started Acupuncture in May and switched my Buspar to Zoloft in May. Have been feeling pretty well, though still not able to drive. (my eyes clamp shut in sunlight despite sunglasses. the most I can do is walk around with one eye open)I have no idea just exactly what helps, I just try everything.

We drove north to visit our children who are all over the map and enjoyed out "leisure" (My husband did all the driving). While in Philadelphia, I went to Wills Eye Hospital for another opinion. They confirmed that my corrected vision is 20/20 and I do have Bleph. They have a clinic where you can go for Botox injections, but they have no other treatments. So much for that route.

While in Ohio, my granddaughter gave me a facial massage that completely relaxed my face and opened my eyes wide... immediately. Will pursue that option now that we are back in the Sunshine State. It is very obvious to me that my condition is dictated by my "stress" level, including good stress and happiness. I have learned to relax a lot and make fewer demands on myself. This BB has been very helpful in letting me know that there are people with lots more problems that I have. I am married to a wonderful, supportive man and have no pets or children at home to care for. My husband does all the driving and we enjoy each other's company. We laugh a lot (which closes my eyes, of course) and enjoy each day we are gifted with.

I wish you all happiness and thanks for listening.

Marie in Florida where it has been raining for 2 days.

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Re: Trip Up-date

Re : Trip Up-date --- marie berger
Posted by Cynthia , Jul 22,2001,14:17 Top of Thread Archive
As Ann Landers would say, "what an uplifting letter!". You have chosen to look on many positive things in the midst of the frustrations of this disorder. The facial massage idea sounds wonderful! Does your grandaughter go on the road? :-)) Those of you who are going to the conference and filling in an evaluation can make a suggestion that facial massages be available next year. A fund raiser??
Thanks for posting, Marie!
Cynthia in IL where I'm feeling good effects from the botox received a week ago.

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Re: Trip Up-date

Re : Re: Trip Up-date --- Cynthia
Posted by marie berger , Jul 22,2001,16:59 Top of Thread Archive
Cynthia, you would not believe how hard I tried to get my granddaughter to come back with me. She would do it in a heart beat, but my daughter won't let her take her only grandson away. So, what can I tell you? :)

Marie in Florida, where the rains are still coming

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