Eye Irritation

Posted by Joanne Matuzas , Jul 25,2001,23:12   Archive
Have a quick question for all of you especially the resident nurses.
The lower part of my left eye underneath the eyelid is a bit swollen.
When I pull the lid down, it is quite red and irritated inside. Not
much discomfort or itching like you would normally have with some kind of eye infection. really no extra crusting to speak of either. I plan to call my HMO primary care physician tomorrow a.m. to have it looked at. I was wondering if I should call the neurologist first and ask if he has had any such problem as a result of botox injections. Have any
of you? I can't help but suspect it may be botox related--maybe something got in the eye and irritated it because of the relaxed muscle or maybe something is happening as a result of the botox. It's 9pm
pacific time so if any of you mid west or easterners read this in the
am, I'd appreciate a response. Feedback may help how I approach problem. Thanks my fellow blephs. Don't know what I would do without you all. Joanne M. San Diego, CA

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Re: Eye Irritation

Re : Eye Irritation --- Joanne Matuzas
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Jul 25,2001,23:50 Top of Thread Archive
Joanne, in the past I've had many a swollen eye caused by blocked eyeducts - usually the start of blepharitis. I find applying warm clothes many times during the day helps open up the duct (you can put the warm cloth under an eye patch so that you can go about your business without having to hold onto it). Other than that I wouldn't know if botox could cause it. I hope one of our nurses can help and that the condition clears up quickly.

June in Toronto

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Re: Eye Irritation

Re : Eye Irritation --- Joanne Matuzas
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Jul 26,2001,10:11 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Joanne,
As in typical BEB fashion, I just composed this wonderful post to you and then at the blink of a unrestrained finger, I clicked something(who knows what) and it was gone in a flash. Never to be retrieved or relocated-just pure and simply GONE.

So here goes again.

My first thought is that you might be developing a stye but they tend to be tender and painful. I'll go with that first, anyway since you mentioned some swelling. Many people get them and they are merely an infection that occurs either on the outside of the eye or sometimes the inner lids. Redness, swelling, tenderness and pain go along with them. They can last for varying lengths of times, usually days. It is more of a localized infection and treatment usually consists (like June was saying) of warm moist washcloths to the affected eye several times a day. This is just a means of getting the stye to come to a head quicker and drain in which case it will then just go away. Antibiotics are generally not very helpful with styes.

It also could just be a localized reaction to any number of things. For those of us with BEB, I know that my hands and fingers come in contact with my eyes much more than they used to. With hands and fingers come bacteria and allergens and all kinds of things that don't usually get in our eyes or at least not as often. And like you said, Joanne, botox loosens the lids and we don't blink as well as we should, thus allowing other irritations to develop. In this case, you might want to just use more preservative free eye drops to keep things clean and washed out as much as possible and try to keep fingers away and keep your hands washed more often.

I would call your PCP about it and see what they have to say. They might recommend a different drop, maybe an anti-inflammatory drop or antibiotic drop.

Hope this helps some. No charge for an email call. :-) Possibly a visor. :-)

Shirley in AR.

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Re: Eye Irritation

Re : Re: Eye Irritation --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by Joanne Matuzas , Jul 29,2001,16:21 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks so much for the responses. Shirley, the swelling is down (which actually was my main concern) and the inside of the eye is less red so
it has improved. I figured a few more days of TLC and should be ok. Otherwise I'll contact my PCP. :<) See you soon. Joanne M. San Diego, CA

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