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Help for my Mom on getting disability
Posted by: kelly
03/10/2004, 21:40:17

You all seem so helpful. I am trying to help my mom, she has hemi facial, she doesn't have internet access. She has been turned down for disability and her retirement. She has been on leave of absence and has lost insurance. She also has begun to have seizures, apparently related to stress, has anyone else had this? She now has an attorney and is trying again. She is very down and I am worried about her. She got copies of the Drs. report from her employers Drs for the retirement and it made her sound like she just had a little twich in her eye and she was fabricating everything. She has always been a hard worker and this is tearing her up! Please help!
Thank You!

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Re: Help for my Mom on getting disability
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Posted by: June in Toronto
03/11/2004, 05:39:44

|As I live in Canada and you (maybe) live in the U.S. I'm sorry I can't be of much help as the `system' might work differently. I would suggest you contact BEBRF though as I believe they might have disability-application information available to help you out. It was a huge struggle for me also to get disability with blepharospasm/meige - but I finally won, so keep trying - just keep appealing their decision. The insurance company usually wants to know "if the patient is able to do ANY job" - not just the one she did before the illness. MY neurologist actually had a long telephone coversation with the insurance doctor to set him straight on what the disease was all about (alot of doctors just don't know). I'm sure the lawyer will be helpful in this case. Best wishes to you mother and its great that you are so caring and helping her.

June in Toronto

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