I'm back and article on Botox

Posted by Delaine Inman , Jul 29,2001,19:45   Archive
I got back home Sat. from Jefferson TX, but my vision has been really blurred for over a week and reading is difficult. Remember I received 70 units around my eyes (more than I've ever had) and 30 in my neck. My eyes are not squeezing shut but I'm having to keep drops close by and use often, because I can't blink or close eyes well and my nose is spasming when I ride or get tired like it always does when I get Botox. I drove the hour to Nashville for my support meeting a week ago and then another hour after the meeting to my sisters, but she did all the driving to TX and back. We spent the night in Little Rock in a B&B and milked the owner for tips on running a B&B to give my son. We stayed in Hot Springs at the Arlington and got "the works" on the way back. I drove the hour back home from my sisters. I credit this to the conversion van that I could drive that long at a time. When I got back Rusty had saved me an article that the Nashville Tennessean had done on the medical uses of Botox. BEB wasn't mentioned except indirectly under movement disorders. It was a good article, but the main feature was about the relief it had given for one man with Migraine Headaches who was almost suicidal he was having them so often until he tried Botox.

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Re: I'm back and article on Botox

Re : I'm back and article on Botox --- Delaine Inman
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Jul 31,2001,11:44 Top of Thread Archive
Good to have you back - wondered where you had been! So you were close to my neck of the woods. Aron and I went to Jefferson for a weekend back before we had the kids. We stayed in the carriage house at a b&b and had a great time. I will be in Nashville the week of Thanksgiving. My sister lives in Thompson Station and she thought that was fairly close to Columbia. If so and you are in town I would love to meet you. I'll have to ask my mom if she saw the article. I had someone with beb send me a copy of an old article (1992 I believe) about the man who "invented" botox. Very interesting.

Kelly in Dallas

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Re: Kelly coming to TN

Re : Re: I'm back and article on Botox --- Kelly Saffell
Posted by Delaine Inman , Aug 02,2001,08:17 Top of Thread Archive
I lived in Franklin from 1982 until 1999. You pass through Thompson Station on the way to my house if you come hwy 31 to Columbia. We live about 6 miles from the Saturn Plant in Spring Hill right off hwy 31. I would love to meet you. Jefferson has really done a lot of improvements and is just a wonderful town of beautiful old houses and B&B's. The street where my son lives is brick and has the bronze statues/fountains and flowers at the intersection like in Savannah GA. I was too bsy and it was too hot to enjoy it this time, but I'm going back in the fall.

My husband's sister has 3 children ages 7,5,& 3. She said she spent her first weekend in 8 years without hubby and kids the other day and it was awesome because she got so much done. Leaving home sounds more fun. Hope you have a great time and some much deserved R&R on your trip. We rode the train to the south part of the Grand Canyon but drove to the north side and it was incredibly less crowded and more beautiful from the north. The trees and wildlife made it a wonderful experence.

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