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Posted by Rosemary Sloan , Jul 30,2001,11:19   Archive
I am so glad I found BB. I felt so alone for so many years unti I found
people I can relate with. I will always believe that my beb was caused
from severe dry eye syndrome. I honestly believe it is due to a hormone
inbalance. I had found that I had a lack of sexual desire plus dry eyes. I have been to different doctors that said everything from, "you don't love your husband anymore." to opthomologist that just gave ointments. I found a doctor that gave me estratest which is estrogen and testosterone which I used for six months. I am not sure if this helped
the dry eyes - it did not help the sexual desire. But, I have not
been bothered as much with dry eyes in the last six months. I do know
how it feels. Someone was asking for GenTeal gel for dry eyes. I can
find this at Walmart, KMart or Walgreens. If you need that - e-mail
me. It is very important to me, especially using botox, that I don't
sleep with my eyes open. I have tried bands but your eyes will still
come open some at night. This may sound silly, but I have found what works for me, is using Freeman peel-off facial mask. I put it under
my eyes at night and before it drys, I lay my top eyelashes in this
and let this dry. It bonds my eyes together. Plus, I noticed it does
help with what I call "bed wrinkles". It is easy to peel off in the

Hugs and kisses to all of you,


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Re: dry eyes

Re : dry eyes --- Rosemary Sloan
Posted by Susan Hasselle , Aug 01,2001,18:17 Top of Thread Archive

Have you considered getting your tear ducts cauterized? I had this proceedure done for my dry eyes in 1992 and found it very helpful. The doctors as the BEBRF conference highly recommend the procedure too.


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Re: dry eyes

Re : dry eyes --- Rosemary Sloan
Posted by Ruth Kellogg , Aug 01,2001,23:02 Top of Thread Archive
My eyelids do not close completely because of the botox, so one doctor told me to tape my eyes closed at night, just like they do when you go through surgery under general anaesthesia (not related to eyes). I used a 1 - 1 and a half inch strip of 1/2 inch wide paper tape--ask a pharmacist if it's not on display. I folded under a tiny tab, so I would have something to grasp to pull it off. I put a couple of drops of Celluvisc into my eyes; then waited a minute or 2 before putting on the tape. No more irritated eyes in the a.m.
The other trick that works is using Saran wrap. To keep it from shifting during the night, I just use a scant inch of paper tape only along the edge at the side of the face. No sticky ointments, and it keeps the whole area moist, especially when air is very dry.

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