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tennis elbow?
Posted by: Beth
03/12/2004, 18:47:15

Rio referenced tennis elbow as a misdiagnosis. For the past few weeks I have had pain around my elbows. It never occured to me that it might be relted. Appreciate any feedback.

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Re: tennis elbow?
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Posted by: APhair
03/15/2004, 08:20:57

Rio, when I first got Blepharospasm, I was holding my eye open a lot with my hands. I found that I had problems with my elboy and shoulder. I ended up going to a physical therapist for months befoe it was finally cured. Since I had the myectomies, I don't have to hold them open any longer and have never had the problem since. Don't know if that is something you do, but if it is it certainly could account for problems with the elbow. Anoth thing to always be careful of is if you are taking any drugs such as Zocor to lower your cholesterol. They tend to affect your bones and joints especially the elbows , knees and ankles...Alan

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Re: tennis elbow?/Beth
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Posted by: Kathy in Atlanta
03/20/2004, 06:05:56

Well did you play tennis? I have had tennis elbow and it is very painful, after i took it up bigtime many years ago without ever having played before. I think it is related to what are those called? repetitive movement injuries like carpal tunnel. I did notice the very intense concentration on only the ball seemed to be good for my eyes and overall coordination.

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