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Posted by Kelly Saffell , Aug 08,2001,08:35   Archive
Has anyone ever been to a pain management doctor? I didn't know they even existed until recently and have considered checking it out. I have BEB/Meige/TMJ and a prior neck injury from 16 years ago. My pain has increased over the last year and a half. It is only on my left side but my jaw is always tight and I have pain to the touch (almost like a bruise) around my left eye and above my jaw bone by my ear. My ear is always popping and sometimes shooting pain. My neck, shoulder, and under my shoulder blade stay knotted and I even have burning and occasional vibration under my shoulder blade. I read that the muscle under the shoulder blade can contribute to shortness of breath, which I have as well. I have been in therapy several times but once I got worse and I never seem to get over that "hump". Just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences with pain management.

Thanks - Kelly in Dallas

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Re: Pain Management Doctor

Re : Pain Management Doctor --- Kelly Saffell
Posted by kathy , Aug 09,2001,10:45 Top of Thread Archive
i'd like to know about this also. i know they have pain clinics but i've nevr been to one.

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