Doxil treatment trials

Posted by kathy , Aug 14,2001,07:04   Archive
i know a lot of you are busy getting ready to go to the conference, but while you are there, could someone please find out some further info on this for me, especially from someone who has had it themselves.

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Re: Doxil treatment trials

Re : Doxil treatment trials --- kathy
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Aug 14,2001,21:41 Top of Thread Archive
We'll do what we can. It was talked about last year at the conference but that information is in the Main Pages and you have already seen it. I don't believe that there was anyone at the conference last year that has participated in the trials. I believe that someone was supposed to come but was unable to. I think that they showed a video of her and some others. Maybe someone will be there this year.

Shirley in AR.

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