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Delaine, TN.
Posted by: Kathleen Bowers
03/14/2004, 22:29:26

Just received my copy of newsletter. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Lovely photo. Your kind of "hope" is something to add to Dr. Sybil Smith's lecture this past Friday to our CAREteam here at RGV. She comes from Clemson's College of Nursing. Thanks. Kitty in SC where Spring is bursting out all over today in technicolor....white b.pear trees, yellow bells, etc...

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Re: Delaine, TN.
Re: Delaine, TN. -- Kathleen Bowers Top of thread Archive
Posted by: Delaine Inman TN State Coordinator
03/31/2004, 07:02:49

Well I'm still growing up!!! Wish I had that newsletter. I sent Mary my new address but it may have gone to old address and I just hope it gets forwarded. I'm really curious now. Thanks for the remarks. This is first time I've read posts in a couple of months and a friend said they had typed my name on search engine and my posts from BEB BB and other articles I've done for nursing came up. I tried it and sure enough there I was. Found all these posts about my article which I hadn't seen and just had to come out of hibernation. Thanks to all for missing me and saying things I needed to hear. I considered my time and friends on the BB and for the BEBRF a blessing and a ministry Thanks for reminding me I was right about that.

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