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Posted by Pat Soulia , Aug 19,2001,18:48   Archive
Hi Ann:
My return message to you re 4 l/2 hour trip is on page 2 and I sent it on Aug 18. I guess I messed it up somehow as it did not show your name. I am just getting use to the bb so I will be making many mistakes I am sure. I do travel 4 l/2 hours one way. My husband and I make it an overnight trip because 9 hours driving in one day for him is a little too much especially since the injections only take 15 minutes. Things will get better I am sure.
I am anxious for those who went to the conference to return with some interesting info. I am going to send for the tapes when they become available as I understand they are very helpful.
Hope you get my message - have a pleasant week.

Pat Soulia in PA

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Re: Re trip to get injections

Re : Re trip to get injections --- Pat Soulia
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Aug 19,2001,20:04 Top of Thread Archive
H Pat,

I see that you live somewhere in PA. That's a big state, and I wonder where you go to get your injections.

If you are anywhere near Rochester, NY, I have good news for you: A VERY good Dr. is forming a new clinic there. His name is Stephen Feldon and he used to work here in So. Cal at the USC medical center's Doheny Eye Clinic. The new clinic opens about the 1st of Sept 2001. Your gain is my loss: he's my Dr. and now I have to break in a new one!

--- Lynn

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Re: Re trip to get injections

Re : Re: Re trip to get injections --- Lynn Yarbrough
Posted by Pat Soulia , Aug 20,2001,11:09 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Lynn
Nice to hear from you. I do not live near Rochester,NY. I live in the Pocono Mountains, Stroudsburg, Pa which is only 2 hours from New York City. I get my injections at the Wilmer Eye Institute which is a part of John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md. which is 4 1/2 hours from my home. I see a Dr. Neil Miller, a neuro-opthamologist, he is also a surgeon and teaches at John Hopkins. I like him very much but I have to admit 9 hours rouond trip is a long way to go for a 15 minute visit - that's all it takes to get the injections. I get about 18 injections and 145 units. I did see a local doctor for l year but it took her 1 hour to give me the injections and I was a nervous wreck when I left her office that I had to make the change. John Hopkins is listed as one of the top hospitals in the country so I called there and asked to see a specialist. My injections do not last 3 months - I am lucky I get through 8 weeks. I have had the condition about 4 years but it took almost 2 years before I was properly diagnosed. My family doctor said it was my nerves??? Guess when they don't know what it is that gets them off the hook. I appreciate you telling me about the doctor in Rochester. Instead of getting the injections every 3 months I am going to start every 2 months beginning the end of this month. Perhaps this will be an improvement. I try to keep a positive attitude and keep telling myself - "tough times don't last - tough people do". I pray that this might go into remission some day soon not only for myself but all those who suffer with the condition. I am a breast cancer survivor (7 years this year). I did not have any chemo or radiation but I did take a drug called tamoxifen for 5 years which can be toxic to your system and I sometimes feel that this caused my condition. However, the oncologist I see for blood work every 4 months says he never heard of this happening. One of the side effects is dry eye and that is how my condition started originally. However, I feel God has been good to me getting me through a tough time before and I am hopeful my present condition will pass or at least get better one of these days.
I have also heard from others on the bb re: doctors in New York City. When the weather gets real bad here in the Poconos I might have to consider a change because we do get a lot of ice in the winter.
Again, thank you for your message but I believe Rochester is about 3 or more hours from where I am. Hope to hear from you again.
Have a great week and hope you are doing well.
Pat Soulia in Stroudsburg, PA

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Re: Re trip to get injections

Re : Re: Re trip to get injections --- Pat Soulia
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Aug 20,2001,13:01 Top of Thread Archive
Hi, Pat,

I see that you are with one of my old friends, Dr. Neil Miller, and he is indeed very good. I have been in Wilmer many times, when I lived in DC. Having worked with six different Dr's over the last 10 years, and while you may profit from the shorter drive to Rochester, I can understand your hesitancy about leaving Dr. Miller for anyone. When you get somebody who knows what s/he's doing in this business, it pays to hang on to them.

Dr. Feldon is worth switching for. The main thing: his technique is the antithesis of your previous Dr's - he gives me my 10 shots in about 30 seconds! He actually spends much more time talking with his patients than injecting them. Having dome about 10,000 such sessions lifetime helps a whole lot. I have learned a lot from both Dr's Feldon and Miller during our association.

Have a good Fall,

--- Lynn

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