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Posted by Billie Lowe (billie lowe,Billie Lowe), Aug 23,2001,21:46   Archive
Hi, I received my injections on August 16th. My doctor had been out of the country for 6 months. Since I receive my injections every 8 weeks, I got them from a different dr. during that time. They didn't work very well, especially the ones in my eyelids. Anyway this was the first time I'd seen my regular doctor since Dec. I am seeing so much better than before, so the injections seem to be working pretty well so far. My question is this time my eyes have been red, especially my right one and kind of itchy. I went back & they said it was just because of dryness. They checked my eyes out. I usually have trouble with a little dryness but never anything like this time, & I have gotten botox since 94. Both eyes are noticeably red & maybe a little puffy still. Does anyone else have this? I am on a couple of new medications that are very drying & it seems like everything else in my body is dry & am wondering if this is the difference. I hate to complain because I can see so much better than before.

Billie in Kansas where they are forcasting rain tonight.

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Re: question about injections

Re : question about injections --- Billie Lowe
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Aug 24,2001,15:39 Top of Thread Archive
Billie, Just be sure and use an ointment at night and a sleep mask and use your drops during the day frequently. If they stay red, there is always the possibility that it is an allergy or infection in your eyes which could be taken care of with some prescription drops. If it continues, check with your doctor and ask him if it could be more than dryness? As in an allergy or infection.

Hope it gets better, soon.

Shirley in AR.

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