My doctor dilemma

Posted by Lyn Patterson , Aug 24,2001,07:04   Archive
Hi everybody

Glad those of you who went enjoyed the Conference. Perhaps one day I shall make it over there.

As some of you may remember, I have found a great new ophthalmologist and yesterday I went along to a neurologist for more or less a second opinion, to see which one would be better for me. This is the doctor who treated Jenny from NZ when she was over here (Western Australia) on holiday. I once again have to thank the BB for the opportunity to find out so much re our condition and its treatment. If not for the BB I would still be attending a most un-caring doctor as I did not know of any others.

To cut a long story short, I am now in a terrible state of not knowing which doctor to go to. The neurologist has a clinic every Monday which is wonderful as I could go whenever I needed the Botox. However, when he asked how many units I had and I said "75" he bolted upright in his chair and nearly fell off. He thought that was a VERY high dose, so I told him I knew of several people who had 100. He was absolutely aghast and I don't think he believed me !!! He very sensibly said he would need to get my previous records and study them to see what had gone on before. As I had the Botox from the ophthalmologist two weeks ago, there were no spasms for him to see so it was only about a 15 minute consultation.

I have a feeling he may treat BEB very conservatively in view of his reaction to a dose of 75 units. His account was nearly three times that of the ophthalmologist and I was out of pocket over $30 instead of only just over $3 with the neurologist. I think the Botox will be completely free as it will be done in a public hospital but I won't know that until I hear from the hospital.

Money aside, what am I to do? My gut feeling is stick with the ophthalmologist as I felt he was very caring and careful with the injections and willing to try new injection sites etc. as well as saying to ring whenever I needed the Botox.He is in a small practice with his father or brother ? (same name) and his wife who is a movement disorder neurologist. The neurologist on the other hand is in a huge clinic adjacent to a huge PRIVATE hospital though the Botox clinic is held in a public hospital.

I would like to keep my options open but obviously have to make a choice without offending either one in case circumstances in the future mean I need to change. If I go to both for Botox, Medicare might think I am a BOTOX JUNKIE !!!!!!!

Seriously, if I decide to stay with the ophthalmologist, what can I say to the neurologist so that he will not be too annoyed with me and would treat me in the future if the ophthalmologist ever decided to go overseas or some disaster befell him. Is there a correct protocol for this situation?

Lyn from Western Australia where Spring is just around the corner

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Re: My doctor dilemma

Re : My doctor dilemma --- Lyn Patterson
Posted by kathy , Aug 24,2001,09:38 Top of Thread Archive
lyn, i would stay with the caring doctor you first went to, especially since his wife is a movement disorder specialist and he said you could ring him whenever. this could also be your answer in explaining to the other doctor, tell him you'll remember him if you have problems.

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Re: My doctor dilemma

Re : My doctor dilemma --- Lyn Patterson
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Aug 24,2001,11:05 Top of Thread Archive
I would stick with the ophthalmologist. I see an ophthalmologist instead of a neuro for my botox. His shots work the best, for whatever reason. I receive 100 units every 8 weeks. He also told me to call whenever I needed it and he now has me schedule an appt for every 8 since that seems to be my timeframe. He recognizes that with a 3 and 6 year old I have to be able to function and is very compassionate. I recently saw a neuro as well for a second opinion at the medical school here in Dallas. He told me he thought I was getting exellent care and advice and, although he would be glad to treat me, since my current doc is much closer to home and I already have a great relationship with him he recommended I stick with him unless I have further problems.

Kelly in Dallas

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Re: My doctor dilemma

Re : My doctor dilemma --- Lyn Patterson
Posted by Christel-California , Aug 24,2001,13:01 Top of Thread Archive
Lyn, always follow your gut feeling. A CARING doctor is worth his weight in gold. His wife being a movement disorder neurologist is an additional asset, I think.
Do you need to tell the other doctor anything? Is he expecting to see you again?

Christel in Ca.

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