Meige and Botox

Posted by Ann Doyle , Aug 28,2001,09:34   Archive
I have had 2 rounds of Botox. The first was just for my eyes.
For the 2nd. round I asked about help for the Meige and the Dr.
asked me a lot of questions --Like did I bite my tongue. I don't.
He did give me an injection on the cheek half way down my nose;
one on the cheek and one near my ear. The one near my nose
paralyzed my upper lip but I think it was worth it but I also
realize there is a trade off and can see why he didn't do more.
However the Meige keeps getting worse and I wonder if those who get
Botox for Meige would share with me where they got them and the
after effects. Ann Doyle

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Re: Meige and Botox

Re : Meige and Botox --- Ann Doyle
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Aug 28,2001,09:45 Top of Thread Archive
I have a problem clenching my jaw and get 3 injections in each jaw muscle every three months. Without them the front muscles in my neck get so tight I can hardly swallow. My throat spasms some and I noticed a correlation - my nose would twitch and then my throat would spasm. My doctor give me injections next to my nose above the nostrils because he said the botox would travel down a bit and he didn't want it to affect my mouth. This has helped alot. He also injects around the cheek bone under my eyes. Low doses of klonopin also seem to help Meige.

Kelly in Dallas

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Re: Meige and Botox

Re : Re: Meige and Botox --- Kelly Saffell
Posted by Ann Doyle , Aug 28,2001,13:14 Top of Thread Archive
That's pretty much where I got them except it sounds like the
one next to my nose was too low.
I'm also making a lot of mouth movements but I suppose any
botox to stop the movement would do more harm than good. Anyone
get injections near the mouth? Ann D.

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