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Posted by Billie Lowe (billie lowe,Billie Lowe), Aug 28,2001,17:30   Archive
Hi Shirley sorry you are having trouble. Do we all need to come to visit, or will just an encouraging word do. I've been missing your posts and was wondering if you were okay. I know empty nest is hard to handle. It does get better, honest. Take care of yourself. Sometimes I think when you don't have your kids at home anymore you find you can make plans in a different direction. There is life after kids!
I have missed you.

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ReThanks BIllie

Re : message for Shirley --- Billie Lowe
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Aug 28,2001,17:47 Top of Thread Archive
Thank you Billie. I've just been feeling a little overwhelmed with things what with getting both the sons off to college, trying to play catchup with emails and trying to go through the photos. Husband is home now and retired (so to speak) and we are trying to do some things around the house. Just too much to do for my eyes to hold up long enough to do the things.
Empty nest-That may be a little bit of it but the nest is not quite empty yet. Our 18 year old moved into his dorm Friday. He got bored Saturday afternoon and came home and spent the night. He just came home a few minutes ago to get some things (he was lonely). He keeps ICQing me to chat on the computer. He wants his independence but he is not quite ready to give up "home" yet.

It would probably be nice if everyone just came for a visit. That would surely cheer me up. Don't expect the house to be clean, though or the ironing or laundry to be done. We'll just call out for pizza and sprawl out all over the house with the dogs. I'll have indirect lighting. I've had it up to HERE with all those little spotlights in the ceiling.

Shirley in AR.

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Re: ReThanks BIllie

Re : ReThanks BIllie --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by Billie Lowe (billie lowe,Billie Lowe), Aug 28,2001,21:31 Top of Thread Archive
Shirley, aren't kids great. they can't wait to get away from home and then they miss us. Guess that's normal. My husband can't retire until he's 60. At least that is what they are trying to get. He has been looking forward to retirement for several years now. He's 56 almost 57, so he still has to wait. Somehow I have visions of him sitting in front of the TV in his underwear all day. I'm not sure he has any plans for working around the house. He has worked hard our whole married life, I guess he deserves to do that if he wants to. The only thing that he has mentioned is wanting a motorcycle.

I think it would be fun if we all came to your house. Pizza sounds good to me. I for one don't care if you house is clean or your laundry is done, mine certainly isn't. The lighting sounds good, however overhead lighting dosen't seem to bother me a lot. I think bright sunlight is the worst for me.

Billie in Kansas where it was hot today. They keep saying cooler weather is on the way.

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Re: ReThanks BIllie

Re : Re: ReThanks BIllie --- Billie Lowe
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Aug 29,2001,11:27 Top of Thread Archive
Billie, We mustn't let our husbands get together. Mine wants a motorcycle, also. Actually, he wants a dirt bike. There are no "safe" places to ride one around here. I probably don't need to worry about it because he hates to spend money. (I rather enjoy it) So, unless I buy it for him, he probably won't be able to let himself spend the money.
Roy is only 51, so he does plan on finding another job. That will be stressful for him-and me. At least he is not sitting around in his underwear. He is staying very busy around the house but that in turn makes me feel guilty about what I am not doing. Thus, I'm sure, part of the reason that my eyes are doing worse, lately. We've talked about it before and just the difference in activity level in the house makes my eyes worse. This too, shall pass.

Shirley in AR. who spent a couple of hours this morning with the financial advisor regarding retirement buyout funds and how to invest them. Can we say bright florescent lighting that shut me down within seconds? Not a fun time. More sessions to come.

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