Posted by Pat Soulia , Aug 30,2001,15:10   Archive
Hi Coleen:
Please read my message to you under "No I don't want to join your club". I am new at posting and I wasn't sure if you would get my message. I read Mindy's message under prayers so thought I would also try there.
Pat In PA

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Re: Replying to posts

Re : Prayers --- Pat Soulia
Posted by Mindy , Aug 30,2001,16:57 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Pat and any new-posters,
If you want to reply to a post, at the top of the post you are reading,
click on where it says in Blue "post reply".
That will bring their post on top, scroll down and you will see the
message box for you to type in your reply.
Then don't forget to scroll to the bottom and click "post"
Have fun, and remember you can edit your own posts.
Mindy in NY

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