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Posted by Pat Soulia , Sep 03,2001,18:13   Archive
Hi Joanna:
My name is Pat Soulia and I live in Stroudsburg, PA. I have been diagnosed with Blepharospasm and possibly some Meige Syndrome about 2 years ago but this condition has been coming on for about 4 years before I was finally diagnosed properly. I did see a local neurologist here in PA for botox injections but the results were not satisfactory.
In January of this year I went to John Hopkins Hospital - the Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore, MD for an evaluation. I now see Dr. Neil Miller who is a Neuro-Opthamologist, surgeon and also specializes in Orbital Disease. I am very pleased with him and have had injections 3 times - every three months since April. I feel my facial spasms are pretty much under control. My main problem is eye blinking and squinting which can be very uncomfortable. Hopefully this too will be under control soon but only time will tell. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Miller you can e-mail me at: and I will be glad to forward you the info re: his phone number and address.
I have found the bb to be of a lot of help. There are so many great people posting and you can ask any questions and someone will always respond.
Good luck and keep in touch.
PAt Soulia in Stroudsburg, PA

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