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Posted by: Sandi in Pa
03/20/2004, 10:22:36

Ive been reading back comments and was wondering if stratta(?) is almost like ritilan but for adults? I had one Dr prescribe ritilan for my blepho and it did work but the insurance wouldn't pay for it because of my age (I'm was about43yrs old) so for about a year I paid for it because it did help, but then my Dr. said he couldn't write any more scripts because of the governmets regulations. And somewhere in all my papers I have documentation that it was a research done but I couldn't find any help about it

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Re: Strattera
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Posted by: Shirley Barr in New Mexico
03/21/2004, 13:06:51

Hi Sandi,
Strattera is a prescription, non-stimulant drug that is used in the treatment of Attention Deficit in children and adults.
I took Adderal, which is also prescribed for attention deficit, for a time a few years back and it did improve my symptoms. Being a stimulant drug, it also raised my blood pressure and heart rate and I had to discontinue it.
You said that you took Ritalin for awhile and it helped but your insurance wouldn't pay for it. Adults are treated quite often now for attention deficit and hyperactivity with Adderal and Ritalin and Strattera and I'm sure others. I think that I would question the insurance company about this. Granted the stimulant drugs are controlled prescription items but they are used for adults as well as children.

About 4 years ago, someone posted regarding a study that was done in Japan where stimulant drugs were used for treatment of BEB symptoms. They were helpful for some people. I couldn't find the study information either but I know that I printed it out. (It's probably in one of my stacks somewhere.) :-)

I'd say the Strattera is worth a trial to see if it will work for you under your doctor's supervision. Just my opinion.

Shirley in New Mexico

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Re: Strattera
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Posted by: Sandi in Pa
03/21/2004, 15:40:57

Shirley thanks for the info. I did fight with the insurance for some time and I think that is why I didn't have that much fight to go to Utah out of my group ins. and for the second op they just asked when? But then again my new Dr. certainly had a lot to do with it he even trained under Dr. A but he said it was to seveir and thought I needed the best. I have read somewhere on here about the pulling feeling from the scalp and I have found if I just pull my hair back tight it helps alot especially when I'm driving .

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