Fallen Eyebrows

Posted by coleen dennis , Sep 04,2001,21:01   Archive
Just wanted to know if anyone out there has had surgery on their eyebrows? I have only had the two sets of Botox injections but two doctors have recommended that I have at least my eyebrows and lids worked on so that the Botox will work better. Still thinking this one over and wanted to hear from others that have had surgey on the brows and some excess removed from the lids. Doctor who would do the surgery for the eyelid muscles is very concerned that I have had bleeding with previous surgeries and may not want to do that one.

I feel as though others think surgery is the right thing to do but I'm not so sure myself. Shirley had given me some words of wisdom when I posted a few weeks ago. Thanks so much Shirley for the advice. I certainly can understand about waiting awhile for surgery but I wonder if the Botox is not working properly because the eyebrows are so low, am I going to have to have the surgery done at sometime anyway. How do you know when is the right time for surgery. I don't think the doctors can tell you that as they haven't experienced it from this side themselves.

I'm having tests on my blood next week with my regular doctor for clotting so I know what my risks are for any future surgery. That may determine if I am able to even go that route.

I appreciate any of you letting me know if they have had any positive and negatives to surgeries for this. You can send directly to me if you would prefer.

Coleen in Central PA who was also interested to know about going to John Hopkins as it is only about two hours from where I live.

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Re-Won't give my speech twice

Re : Fallen Eyebrows --- coleen dennis
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Sep 04,2001,22:03 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Coleen,
I won't repeat my speech to you but I would recommend that you see a Neurologist that is a Movement Disorder Specialist that is familiar with Blepharospasm. I'm Sure that John Hopkins has some good ones. It just seems to me that you are going only by what a surgeon has recommended to you. My favorite line is that surgeons will almost always recommend surgery. That is their livelihood. That is what they love to do. That is why they are in that specialty. If you go to see a Movement Disorder Specialist and they tell you that, yes, you need this surgery then I, as the patient, would feel much more comfortable with that decision.

It would also help if you talked to a surgeon that does lots of Myectomies and find out what the ramifications are of having just a brow lift and ptosis repair done. An oculo-plastic surgeon who does not do numerous myectomies is not going to be able to answer you. Well, you will probably get an answer but it will not be a knowledgeable one.

The surgery that you are describing may or may not help the botox to work better but it will assuredly make the injections more painful after you have had it done.

I really would like to see some others post to this that have possibly gone this route.

I'm sorry if this has come across as rather cold. I maybe should delete it and keep my mouth shut on this one. Oh well, I'm not known for doing that so I guess I won't start today. I just really think that you need to get another opinion from someone who is not a surgeon but is an expert in BEB.

Shirley in AR.

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