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Re : Re: Medicare question --- Sally - in - Idaho
Posted by Eileen Morin , Sep 07,2001,14:32   Archive
Delaine: I firmly agree with Sally (NO Idaho) regarding turning anything down without thoroughly researching all your doubts, fears, questions, and concerns. I was on disability due to BEB and retired at age 65. My employer changed retirees health plan(s) to the very worst, some would not consider paying for Botox, let alone pay for doctor to administer the shots. I had to do a lot of soul searching for the right health plan to continue coverage, after my medicare part B. I found a plan, direct payment to BC/BS Medex Gold. I have no worries, with medicare paying first (the allowed amount) then having secondary coverage take over balance. The plan is expensive, but I find it was the right plan for my medical needs as I grow older. So I give up some of the extras, but I know my health needs are taken care of. So to used Sally's line..."Just don't want to have you hanging out to dry by not checking everything out very carefully.
Good Luck, and many, many thanks for your input on the BB board.

Eileen ... North of Boston, MA

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