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Posted by Tim Johnson-PA-USA , Sep 10,2001,20:39   Archive
Hi Coleen and Tony Dennis,
It was so good to meet you both at the support group meeting today in Roaring Spring PA. Hope you had a safe trip home, and that we will meet again sometime. Trust you can get the answers you are looking for regarding the BEB, and other needs. It was nice to be able to talk with others about the problems we share because of this disabling disorder. I can see why knowledge is so important in the treatment and survival of this affliction. I am grateful to all who share with us on this BB and from the BEBRF to make a difference in our making it through each day.

Tim Johnson in PA where it continues to be dry. Only a fraction of an inch of rain today.

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Re: Support Group Meeting

Re : Support Group Meeting --- Tim Johnson-PA-USA
Posted by coleen dennis , Sep 10,2001,21:35 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks Tim,

Tony & I really enjoyed ourselves today. It was great meeting everyone there and appreciated the support from everyone. We just got home about 9:30 as we took what is known in my husband's family as the "John Dennis Tour" home. That means you enjoy the ride and go wherever the driver takes you. The area to the west of us was beautiful. I did have times of my eys closing for periods and then others when they decided they wanted to enjoy the view.

Thanks for the materials to read. Enjoyed reading some as Tony drove. Recognized some of the names from the bulletin board in the literature with personal stories.

Coleen in PA who is totally exhausted from the drive thru the mountains of PA.

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