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Posted by Joann Humphrey , Sep 14,2001,16:21   Archive
A few days ago several of you commented on not hearing as well probably due to concentrating on keeping eyes open. Well my Dr. recommended I increase the clonazapam to 3 tablets a day which I have. I feel all my senses are duller. Yesterday I had to ask my husband a couple of times what someone had just said, I simply could not understand or hear everything that was said.
I do feel the clonazapam does help the spasms. Seems I have fewer. So I guess it's okay.
Joann in Ark. where it's beginning to feel like fall.

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Re: Eyes & ears

Re : Eyes & ears --- Joann Humphrey
Posted by Evelyn , Sep 14,2001,16:55 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Joanne, You know, I believe that somehow there is a connection between our senses too. I haven't been feeling well, my vision has been more blurry and my hearing with my implant has really been bad. I went for a new map for my hearing this week, and it turned out really bad. Yesterday I went to a new doctor, and he thought part of my problem was from not getting enough insulin. So last night Gerry and I figured out how to increase my basal dose, We upped it by just a tenth of a unit per hour, and already I'm feeling better and my vision seems to be better. I'm not sure about the hearing because there's nobody here to talk to during the day.
I hope the new dose for your medication works out for you.

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