Posted by joanna , Sep 14,2001,20:01   Archive
Hello again from the relatively new newcomer. Saw a neuroolgist who specializes in Meige at Johns Hopkins friday. He put me on artane. I would like to know of others experience with this. He tells me not to take the benzos like klonopin at the same time, but I have really suffered the last two days. Has artane helped for anyone else?? Love to hear about it. Sorry it I don't respond to my responses but doing this is very difficult right now (focusing on the screen makes my face crazy!!)


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Re : Artane --- joanna
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Sep 14,2001,20:49 Top of Thread Archive
I tried Artane early on after I finally got a correct diagnosis. It didn't help me, but I know it has helped others. This condition is remarkably variable -- one drug helps a large group of people, while making it worse for another group. The lifesaver for me has been Botox.

Whether Artane works for you or not, be patient. This is a long trip we are on, with lots of bumps in the road.

--- Lynn

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