glucoma, too???

Posted by Becca (becca,Becca), Sep 28,2001,17:18   Archive
Hello everyone, I got my 4th injection on monday and this time the dr. gave me 100 units . And he said that I had too much pressure on my left eye, said it looked like I had glucoma (spelling) I have dry eyes now my left more than the right. what kind of drops best. I do have one complaint, the dr. is not very friendly but it looked like he knew what he was doing. I have been off work since feb. and I asked him if he could give me an off work order , (I'm waiting for an answer, I applied for early disability retirement) He looked at me and said WHAT FOR, I CAN GIVE YOU ONE FOR 4 DAYS....... that upset me but my family dr. gave the off work order.. I just hope I get some good results tthis time.

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Re: Glaucoma, too???

Re : glucoma, too??? --- Becca
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Sep 28,2001,20:33 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Becca,
There are many different brands of eye drops out there. Just make sure they are preservative-free. I could be wrong but I think that most of us use those single dose files. I get the kind that the little cap will go back on and I use them several times a day and then toss them. Don't leave them laying around very long, though, as they can grow bacteria with the lack of preservative in them. Some brands like Celluvisc and GenTeal are a little thicker and lubricate your eyes longer but also will blur your vision.
You also should use an eye ointment at night as your eyes may not be closing all the way when you are asleep. There are several different brands of these like Lacrilube, Refresh PM, Moisture Eyes PM, Tears Naturale PM. Different ones work better for different people . You just have to try some.
Wear an eye mask or sleep mask at night, also, if you do have a dry eye problem. This should help. I put a soft cloth under my mask so that it keeps my eyes closed during the night and change this out with a new clean one every night (that was for June).

You do need to be seeing a competent ophthalmologist for your glaucoma. You may need to be on special drops for this to get the pressure down or it may just need to be monitored for awhile.
But if he doesn't understand BEB enough to know that you might possibly not be able to work, I would suggest a new one.
Some doctors don't "get it".
Even after I told my first botox doctor that I couldn't drive or read or watch TV or walk down a hallway without trailing my fingers along the wall to feel my way and showed him all my bruises from falls and running into walls and cabinets-he still told me that he thought that I ought to be able to go back to work. Scuse me but, DUH???

Shirley in AR. Who does know that there are kind, caring physicians out there. You just have to find them.

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Re: Glaucoma, too???

Re : Re: Glaucoma, too??? --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by Billie Lowe , Sep 29,2001,15:31 Top of Thread Archive
becca, I have glaucoma in my family, so have my eyes checked for it often. My doctor told me that sometimes all the sqeezing I do with my eyes can cause pressure like glaucoma. Has anyone else ever been told that, or did I misunderstand?

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Re: Glaucoma, too???

Re : Re: Glaucoma, too??? --- Billie Lowe
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Oct 01,2001,09:45 Top of Thread Archive
When I first went to my optometrist at the very early signs of beb to have my eyes checked thinking my prescription had changed, I failed the glaucoma test. He had to redo it a different way and then I passed. I know now it was because of the squeezing. A couple of years ago my treating opthomologist attempted a glaucoma test because I was having so much pressure behind my left eye but since I was getting shots that day and my squeezing was at it's worst her couldn't do the test. The pressure finally went away and was actually caused from my neck muscles being so tight from clenching my jaw all the time with meige. I have glaucoma in my family and know I will eventually have to manage to be tested again but at 32 it isn't a concern yet.

Kelly in Dallas

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