anyone tried Rio Light Mask?

Posted by catherine pender , Oct 01,2001,17:58   Archive
I just saw on the Shopping Channel a item of interest. I is called the Rio Light Mask. It says it is a light treatment device that helps soothe and relieve tension. It automatically switches off to let you drift off to sleep. Is this a gimmick or something to look into

Catherine in Calgary who NEED MY BOTOX NOW!

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Re: anyone tried Rio Light Mask?

Re : anyone tried Rio Light Mask? --- catherine pender
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Oct 03,2001,07:39 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Catherine, I saw an ad for a SolarMAX Light Visor to "beat the winter blues" thatcosts $260 Cdn. Wearing one would be absolute torture, for me, I think! Haven't seen the one you mentioned.

Good luck with your botox injections.

June in Toronto

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