Shanasy and Magnesium

Posted by kathy , Oct 02,2001,10:48   Archive
shanasy, could you please tell me where you get your magnesium? i think i would like to try it at a lower dosage, say 250 mg. please reply.

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Re: Attn: Kathy/magnesium

Re : Shanasy and Magnesium --- kathy
Posted by Shanasy in IL , Oct 04,2001,19:01 Top of Thread Archive
Sorry to take so long to answer. (You can always email me) I really don't get on the board too often (just because my eyes hurt too much) and I was lucky I saw your posting.

I started out taking the Magnesium Orotate from Candida Wellness Center (800-869-1613) (mail order). 2 caps have 80 mg of Magnesium Orotate and 30 mg of Potassium. It was recommended I take 12-15 caps a day. One bottle of 90 caps costs about $27 + postage. I had NO side efffects taking 12 a day (other than empty pockets).

Then I ran out and didn't want to pay that much again and bought Magnesium Asporotate by Solaray (a brand you can get at about any health food store). A bottle of 120 caps was about $13. 2 caps contain 400 mg. (I took 3 caps and had side effects) BIG difference in price and mg. amount between the 2 companies. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you don't. In this case I just don't know. The first brand could be a much better quality - but then - how does one know?

I started taking the mag. Sept. 11 (easy day to remember) and still see no change... but then these things can take a few months to help. I hate all the unknowns but I guess that's life. Good luck and let me know how YOU do!

Warmest regards,

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Re: Attn: Kathy/magnesium

Re : Re: Attn: Kathy/magnesium --- Shanasy in IL
Posted by kathy , Oct 05,2001,11:03 Top of Thread Archive
thank you shanasy! i also just e-mailed you. let's keep up posting on this if we notice any improvement or otherwise.

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