Hello from Pat in Stroudsburg, PA

Posted by Pat Soulia , Oct 12,2001,18:20   Archive
Hi Coleen
In reading one of your replies on the bulletin board I noticed that you live in Lancaster, PA. My husband and I live in Stroudsburg, PA and visit Lancaster occasionally for a weekend. Lancaster in about 2 1/2 hours from our home. We usually pass Lancaster and stay over in York when I go for my botox injections at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.
You certainly live in a beautiful area. We love Lancaster and this summer we took our grandson from North Carolina for a week to visit Lancaster and did many interesting things. We took the train ride in Strasburg and had lunch in the dining car and then took a buggy ride on an Amish farm. We stayed at the Fulton Steamboat Lodge and our grandson had a great time. We visited many interesting areas and always enjoy our trips to Lancaster.
I am dealing with blepharospasm and also was told Meige Syndrome. I have to say that the injections are finally beginning to take effect and I know I am beginning to see a big difference in my problem which I have had for approximately fours years. I have only been getting injections for l 1/2 years - one year in Stroudsburg with terrible results - I then saw Dr. Miller at John Hopkins Hospital - started seeing him in April of this year and I have to say I am beginning to feel like a different person. Doctors really make a difference. Do you see a doctor in Lancaster?
Would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is esoulia@enter.net.
Pat in Stroudsburg, PA

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