Botox Not Working

Posted by Becca (becca,Becca), Oct 14,2001,22:43   Archive
Hello everyone, I had my botox inj. on the 24th of September and the dr. gave me 100 units. My eyes were starting to open 4th day and they stayed open for about 5 days . I was glad for those days. my right eye doesn't close completely when I sleep so they are dry. I think I now have more pain from trying to keep them open that before. the left eye wants to close so I think I am straining to keep it open. Anyway my eyes are sore more often and dry too. My question to any one who can answer it is will I get better results the next time? Thank you Becca

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Re: Botox Not Working

Re : Botox Not Working --- Becca
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Oct 15,2001,10:57 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Becca, Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. Probably the best thing that you could do is to go back to the doctor that injected you and let him look at your eyes and what they are doing and let him determine if you have ptosis or continued spasms or what is going on. This way (hopefully) he will be able to tell how he needs to alter the injections and sites for next time. They do have to be individualized.
Sounds like the botox may be working better on the right side and you may have a ptosis on the left but the doctor would need to see you to determine this.
Be sure and use an ointment at night and also wear a sleep mask. You may need to put a soft cloth under your sleep mask-whatever-just something to hold your eyes closed. Some people even tape their eyes closed. Use lots of preservative free eye drops through out the day. Some of the thicker drops are better if you really have dry eyes and they last longer (like Celluvisc or GenTeal gel or tears) but these can also blur your vision. If you have tenderness around your eye area, just use some of the night time eye oint and apply it all around the area. This will provide a moisture barrier for your skin and help to protect it from you rubbing the area when your eyes are bothering you.

No one will be able to answer your real question about whether your injections will work better the next time but I've mentioned going back to see the doctor which might increase your chances of improvement the next time around. Go back and see your doctor and talk to him or her. If they don't see any point in that or aren't willing to change the sites or individualize your treatment, then you need to find a different doctor.

Take care Becca,

Shirley in AR. (Blepharospasm-BEB, Apraxia)

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Re: Botox Not Working

Re : Re: Botox Not Working --- Shirley-Arkansas-USA
Posted by Becca (becca,Becca), Oct 15,2001,14:10 Top of Thread Archive
Thank you for responding to my post Shirley. I can always count on you. Yes I will go see my dr. He will be testing me for glucoma on the 22nd. Thank you so much. Becca

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