Posted by joyce whitt/NC (Joyce Whitt,joyce whitt/NC), Oct 15,2001,18:14   Archive
Hi ya'll, just a quick update. I had my 2nd Myectomy this past August 1st. Top lids work fine, it's the spasms under the eyes that are worse. They were constantly squeezing my eyes shut from the bottom.

On Aug 27th I had Botox 38 units (don't ask why he gives this odd amount) No results what so ever.

October 8th, he gives me 52 units and at my request he put more in the check area to help keep my mouth from pulling up so much. He also put several more up and down the nose, at the outside of my eyebrows especially on the right eye, between the eyebrows and wonder of wonders two days after the Botox I could see improvement. My mouth doesn't pull up nor does my nose wrinkle up. I have problems in the morning when I first get up getting the ointment out of my eyes and when I turn on lights my eyes squeeze close. He gave me a tube of EyeTears Plus PF. It is thicker and it really does the job, no scratchy eyes yet.

After laying back down for approx. an hour after hubby goes to work, my eyes are ready to stay open. They are not perfect yet but suchs a big improvement.

I must tell you something funny. Since I have my cast on my foot it is hard to manuver (sp?)around in the stores on my crutches. Some stores have the push kind of the wheel chairs and my husband pushes me around but Food Lion only has the morotized so you know what I did. I drove. The first time was before Botox and my eyes were not wanting to cooperate so I had some near misses. I don't know how they do in your stores but there are displays in every aisle and most are near the front or rear of the aisle so I had to be very careful going turning corners from aisle to aisle. We just came back from K-Mart, (I bought some panseys) and their motorized cart had a delayed action when ever you tried to stop, it coasted about two feet so I did run into some things. It was not my fault, they ought to fix it so when you release the go handle it should stop right then, not two feet later. My husband kinda of stayed away, he was ashamed of me I am sure. But I had fun anyway.
Well, my cast comes off Friday, can't wait, so get ready to party. I expect lots of strawberries.

Joyce in NC who has BEB, Meige, Apraxia (my doctor said it probably was hidden in all the squeezing and hard to open my eyes) Who knows!!
I also have "old timers" and lots of "senior moments". It seems that when I open my mouth to talk, everything comes out wrong or I can't think what to call something, altho I have no problem communicating when I type. I told this one person, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".
We had a big laugh.

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Re: Update

Re : Update --- joyce whitt/NC
Posted by Dee in OR , Oct 15,2001,21:04 Top of Thread Archive

I'm so glad you're doing better and the cast comes off Friday!!! Let's declair Friday Party Day!! Everything's coming up Starwberries!

Dee in OR

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Re: Update

Re : Update --- joyce whitt/NC
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Oct 15,2001,21:21 Top of Thread Archive
Joyce, I'm so happy to hear that your botox is working for you this time. That is wonderful news.
We don't need perfection-just improvement is sometimes a real blessing and I'm very happy to hear that there has been some improvement.

So, how many displays did you knock over? The kids were probably running from you screaming "its a lady trying to drive that thing with dark glasses on and a purple cast". Little did they know that your eyes were closed, too and this was your first driving experience.

Good to hear that you are up, out and around.

I'll pick up some strawberries and powdered sugar or would you prefer them dipped in chocolate?

Shirley in AR. with BEB-Blepharospasm and Apraxia

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Re: Update

Re : Update --- joyce whitt/NC
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Oct 15,2001,23:56 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Joyce,

Glad to hear you are better and especially happy to hear your laughter. That's a good sign. I'll be there to help eat strawberries. Will we have angelfood cake with them? I hope so.

Sally in North Idaho with BEB and some Meige and lots of other stuff!

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Re: Update/party time

Re : Update --- joyce whitt/NC
Posted by Delaine Inman , Oct 17,2001,20:50 Top of Thread Archive
Glad your eyes are doing better. I can just see you riding through K-Mart and running over things ...bet people got out of your way. Next time wear a flashing sign and try to stop 2 feet before you need to. Friday is good for me to party and I love strawberries...with honey, with chocolate, with whip cream(non dairy of course), strawberry cake and well you get the message....I use to be Director of Nursing at a Nursing home about 20 years ago and the cook would make the best strawberry cakes and I would tell her I'd rather have a piece of that cake than a dozen roses. Everytime she brought me a piece she'd say, "Here are your dozen roses." Goodness I'd love to have another piece of that cake!

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