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Posted by coleen dennis , Oct 18,2001,21:04   Archive
I just wanted to know if anyone has had a visual fields tests with BEB and what the results were. I had one done in August at about 6 weeks after Botox and the surgeon said the results weren't bad but my lids are so droopy that I should have more loss of visual range. I think it is because when they do it your forehead is against the bar and it helps keep the eyes open like when you touch the side of your face or forehead.

Has anyone had this done and what results did you have. I am afraid the insurance company will just look at these results and not the pictures and video that the surgeon sends along and say I don't need the surgery. If they come back in 6 weeks with a denial the doctor said he would do another test but then it will be about 5 months since the last Botox and I'm going to be a real mess.

Time for to you later...good night...Coleen

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Re: Visual Fields Tests

Re : Visual Fields Tests --- coleen dennis
Posted by Virginia , Oct 18,2001,21:46 Top of Thread Archive
I had one done in 1999 when I had my first botox. I passed with flying colors and it has never interfered with insurance payments for anything. But then my myectomy was done to remove the squeezing muscles, not because of a reduced field of vision. I'll admit that my insurance (knock on wood) has been great and I've not had any trouble with payments for BEB treatment - even when I've gone to out of state doctors and had botox injections as often as 1 month apart. A lot will depend on how the doctor makes the case for your surgery and how strongly he believes you need it. That makes a huge difference. Good luck and I hope you get the help you need.

Virginia in AL, where we're doing Pumpkins and Pooh Days at the Garden for first graders in the chilly fall weather.

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Re: Visual Fields Tests

Re : Visual Fields Tests --- coleen dennis
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Oct 18,2001,22:15 Top of Thread Archive
I am unable to do the typical Visual Field Tests where you look into the little machine and press the clicker every time you see the light. Since BEB, I have failed every one of them as I couldn't keep my eyes open to do them. The test literally could not be performed with accurate results.

At Dr. A's office before my surgery, they did a manual field of vision test. I was instructed to look at a wall while sitting and cover one eye. The assistant or person doing the testing stood behind me and he gently pulled up on the droopy lid tissue (not enough to open the eye but enough that it helped me get the eye open periodically). The actual testing was done intermittently when I could get my eyes open. Sort of "behind the times" but reasonably accurate and the only way that I could have done the testing. The assistant that did the testing was very kind and quite familiar with problems that a person with BEB has and very patiently worked with me.
I'm not sure how this effected or if it did effect approval of the surgery. The fact is that I wouldn't have been able to do the test any other way. They are trying to find out what your field of vision is for other reasons besides approval for surgery due to droopy lids. The test checks for other vision problems unrelated to BEB or droopy lids.

Shirley in AR.

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