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Posted by catherine pender , Oct 19,2001,16:44   Archive

Well just got back from seeing the doctor who diagnosed me 4 years ago. I was not happy with his manner so I ended up going to a nurologist for my boxtox and she has been great. I am very fortunate that the botox last a long time for me. My last was May 5. I do think I need it now.
18 months ago I had a myectomy by Dr Anderson in Salt Lake. My left eye still does not close and Ever since the surgery I have felt like something was in my outer corner of my left eye. My opthomologist could not find anything wrong.
This past summer my eye got worse, and of course I was at my cottage in Ontario. I found a doctor to put in a new punctal plug and that seemed to help. Since Sept my eye has been very painful. I use all kinds of drops day and night and use a mask.
I managed to get an appointment with this doctor but not until Jan 11. On Monday I was in so much pain that I called crying on the phone and they got me in today.
This is the report
Expreme abraision on the eye caused from being dry. and also probably had a stye.
Treatment: He can put a stitch in my eye lid so it will close when I sleep, something that he says will not look great, or live with it and keep putting drops and taping it closed

Question: Has anyone had their eye lid stitched and if so how is it now


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Re: Latest report

Re : Latest report --- catherine pender
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Oct 19,2001,17:16 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Catherine, sorry to hear you are having such problems - but glad you got to see the doctor earlier than January. You seem to have been doing all the right things to keep your eyes moisturized - perhaps when the stye has gone it will feel much better - they can hurt a lot I know. I hope someone answers your question about the eye lid stitch. Take care

June in Toronto

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Re: Latest report

Re : Latest report --- catherine pender
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Oct 19,2001,22:09 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Catherine, Sorry that you are still having difficulties with this. I can't answer your question. You might email or call Dr. Anderson's office. He won't email you back, though. His office manager will. Or you could email him and tell him the problem and ask him to call you and see what he has to say or what he can recommend.
I'm glad that you finally got in to see some one. We all are really susceptible to corneal abrasions and should be aware of that and seek medical attention if we feel like something is in our eye or just a painful sensation.

I don't know what the doctor means by stitching your lid. I guess that I don't have a clear picture of what he intends to do. I'm sure that you have tried the vitamin E oil or something like that to apply to the lid and gently pulling and stretching that lid. I really would check with Dr. Anderson's office. I also think that if something surgical needed to be done that he would correct it as a followup corrective procedure that he would probably just accept whatever your insurance would pay. At least, that is the impression that I got when he did my surgery. It is not like you are really close to his office, though. Tough call to make. Sorry that I can't help in some way. I do hope the abrasion heals soon and the discomfort goes away.

Take care and let us know how you do.

Shirley in AR.

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