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tetrabenazine and btx
Posted by: pdb
04/04/2004, 00:21:47

I'm keen to hear from others on tbz. So far as I've reported in other posts (incoherently I notice - must have been a bad eyesight day), I'm unimpressed by the side effects and am now working my way off it, having found a new neurologist that specialises in btx in difficult cases, and had done a first injection set a week ago. Her approach is to inject lightly, then review in 10 to 14 days and inject greater concentrations or new locations depending on the findings at that point. All makes sense to me. Meantime, still on tbz and hoping to find the right balance (or even prove it does anything useful).


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Re: tetrabenazine and btx
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Posted by: June in Toronto
04/04/2004, 06:04:41

I don't know anything about the tetrabenazine but the botox injections (site and amount of units) sounds promising -that's the route most of us prefer to go and what we would recommend the doctor do. You seem to have a good neurologist - good luck

June in Toronto

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