Quality Control from my Botox Rep.

Posted by Delaine Inman , Oct 29,2001,14:49   Archive

Subject: RE: Botox problem from Delaine Inman

First thank you for the report and I would like to address some of the issues which are stated here.
First the batch of Toxin originally produce in November 1979 was used till October of 1997. Our purchasing
of the brand in 89 did not effect the drug in any way for we continued to use this original batch till it was
completely gone in late 97. The biggest issue around antibodies or antigencity in the early days was dosing and
also giving booster injections before the ninety days has passed. We know that many people were given these additional injections which could contribute to antigencity. Actually the product since 97 has produced so little cases of antigencity it is
hardly worth mentioning. It is a much purer toxin and has 80% less protein which we believe contributes to antibody formation.
This is not new science , most Immunologist would agree. Have certain batches been less potent than others I do not know. Could it happen again I really do not know. I guess it could but there is no data to my knowledge to support this. Dr assessment is crucial
because many diseases are progressive and many patients continue to get the same dose with the same muscles over and over
and this might need to change over time. I can understand the outrage over medical costs. I am a father who regularly buys drugs
for a small child and it seems like I am being ripped off every time. What helps me to understand this is what I know we spend to get this drug approved for many who suffer with muscle disorders. One Hundred million dollars has been spent to get new approvals, get good research and this is in the last two years. It is staggering to conceive why it takes so much. To our dismay you can spend this much and come up ZERO. It happens and it happens more than the public knows. As far as the profits are concerned they are no more or less than any other company and after all is said and done no better or worse than any consumer product offered to the public. Profit for some people seems almost criminal, and for the life of me I have never understood this. If there is no profit then no research no more new drugs, no new jobs and by the way we are looking to put more people to work not lay off like so many companies are doing right now. Mrs Inman I know you understand a lot of this because of your Medical back ground. I need some face time soon. Please allow a couple of minutes with your group if people are this upset. I can come anytime anyplace. Too many Dr's complain all the time and the ones who are doing a lot of Botox are also putting more than a few extra bucks in their pockets as well. I can address ANY issue and especially Myobloc which in the long run may cost even more and last less.
Thanks Ed

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My response to Botox Rep

Re : Quality Control from my Botox Rep. --- Delaine Inman
Posted by Delaine Inman , Oct 31,2001,09:50 Top of Thread Archive
I appreciate the email and the information you sent. I am learning more every day. Please do not take this personally, Ed. It is not about you and we are not upset about the information we were given.

I just believe if Allergan is supplying free Botox to one practice when patients say they had no results from the same lot number, then all doctors need to be keeping the same type of records and follow-up and get the same free Botox for their patients if it is shown to be a lot number problem. Is that the case?

As a medical professional I have always been a patient advocate and I'm just hearing too many reports that the Botox is not working on a consistent basis for many people. You are correct that there are many many variables that can cause this and that is why doctors need to be consistent in keeping good records and also consistent in how they handle, store, mix and give Botox to patients. That is an education issue. I know you are spread very thin, but Dr. Talpos-Reed's office had no Non-preservative saline in their office and had been mixing their Botox with the wrong kind of saline for who knows how long. I'm trying to be a partner with you, not alienate you. We need to work together to educate the offices and patients who give and receive Botox.

BEB and other dystonias are very frustrating to live with and to treat. You have no idea unless you have it, how disabling and life changing it is. The last thing we need is doctors who don't know how to give it properly, batches that don't work and insurance companies who give us a hassle when we need it.

No one has received Myobloc who has come to any of the meetings in Nashville. So far many of the people I have talked to who have had Myobloc have been disappointed in the results. The people who are trying it are those that Botox does not work for them.

July and Oct. of 2002 are still available for you to come and be our special guest and meet some wonderful people. It is very informal and I won't allow you to be treated except with the utmost respect.


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Re: Thanks Delaine

Re : My response to Botox Rep --- Delaine Inman
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Oct 31,2001,23:21 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks for keeping us posted on this Delaine. I'm very interested and appreciate what you are doing. Keep us informed.


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Re: Quality Control from my Botox Rep./delaine

Re : Quality Control from my Botox Rep. --- Delaine Inman
Posted by kathy , Nov 03,2001,05:16 Top of Thread Archive
wouldn't this also correlate to the recent postings from tim, lynn, and shirley about the recent efforts to change the sites, location and dosages of our botox injections to make them last longer? i think shirley also said this was brought up at the conference. if the same muscles are injected over and over again, wouldn't they perhaps show less response ? and also make the botox less effective over all?

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Re: Quality Control from my Botox Rep./delaine

Re : Re: Quality Control from my Botox Rep./delaine --- kathy
Posted by Ann Doyle , Nov 04,2001,05:09 Top of Thread Archive
I havve not been able to read th whole botox report lately. In looking up quality control, bothe cosmetic side and the medical side talked about how they kept it frozen. No one mentioned the potency of the drug they enended with.
I know my Dr is good but I also know that there is something wrong between something I would rate an 8 and the next time a 0. Drs nurse said dr said it is too dangerous. Allegran ssiad if it didn't work after 2 s
weekd to give it again
Please e mail me, if possibele. It is difficult to find things on the bb Ann Doyle mahli@mindspring.com

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