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Kelly had asked me about the Parsitan. I have been taking it for a little over three weeks and gradually increasing the dose. It comes in 50mg and 100mg tablets that are scored and can be broken into fourths. I have the 50 mg tablets. I started out taking 50 mg in divided doses the first couple of days and it was too much. Mindy reprimanded me(thank you, Mindy :-) ) and I cut back on the dose and took a fourth tablet twice a day for a week (that would be 25mg a day). I have increased it by a fourth tablet a week (or 12.5mg) and am now taking a total of 62.5 mg a day in three divided doses. Is anyone confused, yet?
I can't really say that I have been having any side-effects from it besides that first day or so when I started out taking more than I should have. During that time, my chest felt tight and I was very nervous and jittery. That went away when I lowered the dose.
Like I have said in a previous post, I was able to go 12 1/2 weeks before getting my botox injections and I was needing and getting them every 8 weeks. I have not had "as much" squeezing. I am still taking Klonopin .25 mg. twice a day.
Ah, I forgot (this is good!). I do notice that I am having some short term memory problems. It is not bad but it is there. I'm hoping that this will get better. I'm going to stay on this dose longer than a week to see if that little problem gets better.

Parsitan is an anticholinergic drug similar to Artane. It is also used as an anti-parkinsonian drug. It is not sold in the US-I get it from Canada. It is prescription and my Neurologist was agreeable to prescribing it.

Any questions? Jury is still out on effectiveness as I've only been taking it for a little over 3 weeks.

Anybody else out there taking it now or has taken it that would like to comment?

Shirley in Arkansas doing the Parsitan trials

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