Parkinson's or Torticollis?

Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Oct 31,2001,00:59   Archive
When it rains, it pours. A few weeks ago I ran across a HFS case and a Meige case, yesterday another that looks for all the world like a Spasmodic Torticolis case, that has been diagnosed as Parkinson's. I'm puzzled by this last one, because I have seen enough misdiagnoses to take this with a grain of salt. My Mother had Parkinson's, and another relative also had P's, so I think I know what this looks like, and I have seen ST cases in videos, so I think I know what that looks like. But maybe I just need further education. What are the symptoms that discriminate P's from ST?

--- Lynn

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Re: Parkinson's or Torticollis?

Re : Parkinson's or Torticollis? --- Lynn Yarbrough
Posted by Mindy , Oct 31,2001,20:10 Top of Thread Archive
Here is a link to the DMRF "Related disorders" page.
You can click on Parkinson's at the top or scroll down to:
"What is the difference between a Parkinson's patient with dystonia and a dystonia patient with Parkinson's symptoms?"
Mindy in NY
Related link:

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