Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Nov 02,2001,16:56   Archive
I know this is non-beb post, but I was so impressed with the film Kandahar that I have just e-mailed Oprah about it, hoping she might do a show on the film and the non-actor journalist star Nelopher Pazira (after all she won't seem to do one on beb!). The story is taken from real life and her trip to Afghanistan to save her sister (in real life I believe it was a friend). The story left me `hanging' not knowing how it really ended, so I'm hoping Oprah will take up the cause and fill me in! I have seen many clips on tv of Afghanistan since the September 11th tragedy, but nothing like its shown in this film. I wanted to kiss the ground I walked on when I came out of the movie (I'm blessed that, with beb, I am able to watch some shows - I couldn't for 2 years, but that has passed). Thank God I am a woman living in Canada - Thank God for this BB.

June in Toronto (beb/meige) who viewed this film with many, many, teenagers who were asked to see it by their teachers - the teenagers clapped when it ended!

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