BOTOX/MYOBLOC and Cerebral Palsy

Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Nov 07,2001,09:57   Archive
A tiny article buried on p. 6 of The Desert Sun reports that Botulinum can improve "tiptoe-walking" common in children with Cerebral Palsy, according to a group studying this treatment in Chicago.

The treatment was reported as effective in about 50% of cases tested, including continued improvement for two years after the injections were stopped.

"The toxin enabled some children to walk without braces and to ride tricycles.", says the report. The full report is published in the November issue of Pediatrics Magazine.

--- Lynn

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Re: BOTOX/MYOBLOC and Cerebral Palsy

Re : BOTOX/MYOBLOC and Cerebral Palsy --- Lynn Yarbrough
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Nov 07,2001,13:03 Top of Thread Archive
This was discussed in the article for Ladies Home Journal in April that I was interviewed for. It was about the noncosmetic uses of botox and I was, of course, interviewed for beb but they also talked to people with migraines, excessive sweating, and the mother of a 5 year old with cerebal palsy. With the botox she was able to run! Amazing.


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