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Posted by Corrie Thomann (Corrie Thomann,bH), Nov 13,2001,20:47   Archive
Hello Nikki,
I had a limited myectomy in the first week of Dec. 1999.Dr. Anderson did both eyes at the same time. The swelling lasted about six weeks if I remember correctly.You will need someone with you while the bandages are on, I did use lots of ice packs. On the plane I did wear the dark glasses, just so I would not shock the other passengers.
Since my surgery, I have done so well, Have not had Botox since having the myectomy. I was driving within two weeks after the surgery, I do have some spasms with lower lids, but it is not too bothersome. Not everyone seems to get the same good results. I definitely still have Blepharospasm,but would certainly go for the surgery again. I wish you the same or better results as I received.
I have had Blepharospasm since 1995, received Botox for approx.4 years, from three different Doctors, One told me that my case was severe, that on a scale of 1-4 he would say that I was a 3 I never got more than a few days,to a few weeks of relief from the Botox.I can read some,but not for a long while. My vision does not seem as good as before, but I am very happy with the after, results of the myectomy.
I wish you well!

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