Good to be back reading

Posted by Evelyn , Nov 29,2001,21:34   Archive
Our computer hasn't been working well, so I haven't been on the bb for some time. It's been great catching up. I have another eye surgery coming up Dec. 12. This time it's supposed to be an easy and quick one. It's laser and is to take about ten seconds. The sac, which is left in after cataract surgery to hold the new lens in place, has become cloudy and I must have a hole burned in it for better vision. The cloudiness can occur from three months to thirty years after cataract surgery, and wouldn't you know, mine became cloudy in four months. The surgeon is sure if the sac is causing all my problem, or if some of it is caused by macular degeration. So HERE WE GO AGAIN:)
I brought a device home from my sister's that is used to help build the muscles in my leg. It's a little box with castors that roll, and I put my leg in it, put my head on a pillow on the floor, and put a little pillow under my tailbone area and roll my leg back and forth for ten minutes twice a day. Seems to be helping some already. Now if I could just have good balance, I might get somewhere:)
Evelyn in rainy WA. We're only fifty five mi. or so from Seattle, so it would be fun to have you visit us, June.

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