Posted by r coutant (R COUTANT,r coutant), Dec 17,2001,12:30   Archive
what are the pros and cons to surgery.

for the first time my 100 units do not seem to be very
effective. i'm operating at about 75%. i'm very disappointed.
my doctor suggested i could consider surgery.

rhonda coutant

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Re: surgery

Re : surgerty --- r coutant
Posted by Virginia , Dec 17,2001,13:52 Top of Thread Archive
First of all, there will be some times that the botox is not as effective, so I don't think I would give up on it after only one bad result if you normally get good results. Consistently bad results with the botox might lead you to consider surgery. However, since your doctor did suggest it, I'll give you my take on it.

I had a limited myectomy done a little over a year ago. I researched doctors and was happy with the one I chose. There are several (note I didn't say many) qualified ones. Several people here have had myectomies done by Dr. Anderson, who lectures at the BEBRF conferences and has done a considerable number of them. A myectomy should not be considered a cure. It is a permanent treatment. Muscles that are now squeezing will be removed, so they won't squeeze anymore. But some muscle will be left and it may or may not cause you problems. Upper lids are done first and usually that is all that is done. Lower ones may be done later if it seems needed. Some people get enough relief that they no longer need botox. Some still need botox, but need less. Some respond better to botox after surgery. Some people don't get much help at all. There are no guarantees. I fell into the category of still needing botox, but it works better for me. I have no regrets about having the surgery. Your milage may vary.

Just my 2 cents worth. There should be others out there who will also respond. The BEBRF has literature and videos on surgery, so I recommend getting them before you make a decision. And talk to as many people as you can who have had surgery or have even considered it. Your surgeon should give you names of patients to contact.

Virginia in AL, not even close to ready for Christmas and feeling no stress over it. Amazing what drugs can do.

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Re: surgery/virginia

Re : Re: surgery --- Virginia
Posted by kathy , Dec 18,2001,07:05 Top of Thread Archive
i have not even read the multi-task thread started by judy yet, but am discovering that taking one thing at a time is much more calming at this rushed thanksgiving into christmas compressed time period.

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