Multi-tasking, etc.

Posted by Evelyn , Dec 18,2001,15:44   Archive
It sounds like the BEB affects everyone much like my stroke has. I used to do so many things, but have a hard time getting the "list" taken care of anymore. I have been so busy with appointments that need to be taken care of before the end of the year. I had a "map" for my hearing yesterday, and won't know for a few days if that made much difference. I haven't been "hearing" well with my implant lately. I also went across the street to the eye clinic, where the surgeon reassured us that my eye will clear up soon. He saw several floaters in there that seem to be causing the blurriness. I'm having massages and adjustments very often again, since we were "bumped" in the rear again by a RV type vehicle. I still need to see the Endocrinologist and nurse who taught us how to use the insulin pump. I'm trying to get everything taken care of before insurance deductible starts over. (My husband has missed a lot of work to run me around)
I didn't put up a tree this year, but Gerry bought a tiny fake tree that we put on a sofa table with a nativity scene. I'm trying to finish a scrapbook for my granddaughter, who is ten today. (I didn't realize Judy's Gene and my Jami had a birthday in common)
Evelyn in WA, who doesn't know where Naselle, WA is.

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