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Posted by Geri Arts , Dec 18,2001,15:47   Archive
I think Rita Molnar's idea of writing a letter to the doctor who gives botax injections is a good one because when my sister goes for her treatment in Washington, D.C., the doctor has a limited amount of time to dialogue with her. Some neurologists, here in Philadelphia has two separate appointments ON THE SAME DAY - one for consultation and the other for the injections themselves. I CAN SEE WHY!

After my sister's second set of botax, the injections only lasted two wekks (same as the first round) and then she missed work two days in a row during Thanksgiving Week, going over the top of her sick leave. (which is getting to be more and more of a problem)

I just found out last week that she had a fall at work from a platform and landed on her back. Don't exactly know if was due to her eyes shutting down but you never know. She told me she had occasions before when the door would hit her as she walked out of the building.

Thanks to the overwhelming response on this site, she wrote a letter to her two supervisors explaining the nature of blepharospasm and how it affects her daily living. (SHE HASN'T HANDED IT IN YET BUT SHE WILL)

The doctor who has seen her twice now kindly gave my sister her e-mail address. I think the absence from work and the fall (for whatever it's worth) needs to be documented.

GOOD COMMUNICATION WITH THE DOCTOR IS ESSENTIAL. ( And yes, her eyes are open too when she goes for her appointment). They only seem to shut down at the end of a work day or in isolated instances when she has to stay home.

Rita, I would love a copy of your letter to your doctor but don't know your e-mail address.

Thanks for the suggestion which I will pass on to my baby sis.


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Re: keeping log of symptoms

Re : keeping log of symptoms --- Geri Arts
Posted by Rita Molnar , Dec 18,2001,20:04 Top of Thread Archive
Hope that the idea helps. You should have received in your e-mail the copy of my letter to the doctor by this time. If you have any questions about it, just give a yell.
Best wishes....Rita (one hour away from Philadelphia) Molnar

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