Posted by Ann Doyle , Dec 19,2001,09:26   Archive
Has anyone had successful surgery of myectomy in Kenctucky, INdiana, Illinois or Tennesee? Who was your doctor and do you have his address or phone number? Ann Doyle

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Re: myectomy

Re : myectomy --- Ann Doyle
Posted by cYNTHIA (Cynthia,cYNTHIA), Dec 20,2001,12:13 Top of Thread Archive
My neuro-ophthomologist is at the Wheaton Eye Clinic, Wheaton, IL and when I was contemplating a myectomy he suggested Dr. John Choi who had just joined the clinic. Since I knew nothing about him I chose to go to Dr. Anderson in Salt Lake City. If you'd like to check out Dr. Choi, the number is 708-668-8250. My doctor says Dr. Choi has impressive credentials (Harvard), but I would rather know the success rate of his surgeries and how many he's done and if he would give me names of one or two of his patients to talk to, wouldn't you?
Happy Holidays to you and everyone!
Cynthia in IL where it's a very pretty day.

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