Posted by Ann Doyle , Dec 19,2001,09:26   Archive
Has anyone had successful surgery of myectomy in Kenctucky, INdiana, Illinois or Tennesee? Who was your doctor and do you have his address or phone number? Ann Doyle

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Re: myectomy

Re : myectomy --- Ann Doyle
Posted by M Chiasson , Dec 19,2001,23:00 Top of Thread Archive
Dear Ann:

I realize that my information is perhaps not too helpful to you because I had my Full Upper Myectomy and Levator Advancement done by Dr. David Jordan at the Ottawa General Hospital in Ottawa, Canada in May of 1998 I was 52 at the time and had had Blepharospasm and Oramandibular Dystonia since 1996. Dr. Jordan was recommended to me by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York. In the event that this would be of interest to you, his telephone number is 613-563-3800 and his fax number is 613-563-1576 and he treats patients from all over the world.

As we always caution, every person is different and what may work for someone may not work for someone else. In my case, his work has given me a new lease on life where I can open my eyes and drive my car for considerable distances after not being able to do so for five years. After surgery, my Oramandibular Dystonia which I had got more aggressive to the point where I am taking Clonazepam and Kemadrin to bring me relief. The medication has side effects which do not permit me to return to work as a Legal Assistant, however, the fact that I can now open my eyes is a pure gift and I give thanks to God every day for Dr. Jordan's work. I had chosen surgery because Botox had absolutely no effect on me and so I am not taking any Botox.

Hope someone from your area can give you some information about doctors and procedures in your area.

Marcellin Chiasson, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada

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