loss of voice and chest pain

Posted by michael butler , Dec 22,2001,15:31   Archive
Dear Folks,

About five years ago, I lost my singing voice, almost overnight. And now my speaking voice is often strangled and weak.

In addition, I get pains in my chest and solar plexus that may be angina pains or may be something else. This week I had them going down my left arm, up into my jaw and face and at various points in the left side of my chest.

I cannot find anything on the web that talks about the relationship of
heart problems and weakness of voice.

Also, usually when I do my fast walk each night I do not get any chest

Does any body have any insight into this.

Thank you for any ideas you can provide.


Michael Butler

Does anybody have any ideas on this?

Thank you for any insight you can provide.


Mike Butler

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Re: loss of voice and chest pain

Re : loss of voice and chest pain --- michael butler
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Dec 23,2001,05:08 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Mike Butler, welcome to the Blepharospasm bulletin board. I'm sure you must have posted on the Spasmodic Dysphonia board as your voice problems appear to be like others there have experienced?

I hope you have seen a doctor about your chest and other pains - you really should asap as I can't comment as to whether it is connected to Dystonia or not. Good luck with getting help for these problems - its not much fun is it?

June in Toronto

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