Shirley needs our love and encouragement

Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Dec 23,2001,13:49   Archive
I'm going out on a limb here and hoping that Shirley won't be displeased with me, but ...

Our beloved mentor, source of much good information and (most of all) a dear friend, Shirley is in a downward spiral and I'm sure she could use all the love and kind words we can send her way. Their Colorado dream has hit a snag or detour and many other things added to the stress of life. As we all know, any additional lumps along life's pathway tend to set off the demons that go along with BEB.

Shirley, I send you my love and cheery thoughts and wait for the day when you will have time and energy to resume your "job" on the BB.

Sally in North Idaho, where it is the most gorgeous day that God could create. Heavy frost made all the fir and pine trees, plus bare limbs and bushes look like they've been sprinkled with diamond dust. The sky is a lovely blue and the sun is so bright on white snow. Suppose everything will melt soon, but it's sure a beautiful sight now. Wishing a sunny day for each and every one of you and a holiday filled with love and joy.

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Re: Shirley needs our love and encouragement

Re : Shirley needs our love and encouragement --- Sally - in - Idaho
Posted by lunakitty , Dec 27,2001,10:57 Top of Thread Archive
I hope you feel better soon. I really appreciated your replies to my posts a while back, as well as information I have picked up from your posts to other people.


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