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Posted by shirley-Arkansas-USA , Jan 11,2002,01:53   Archive
Hi everybody. My life has been a little more than caotic the last couple of months and doesn't seem to be calming down any. My husband was out of town for awhile job hunting but is back home now. He took an early retirement buyout with his company but didn't really intend on retiring as he is only 51 but job prospects are rather dim right now.

My last botox was a total bust with a new doctor and then I found out that my insurance won't pay for the facility fee and that particular doctor won't give the botox in his office. He feels that he must give it in the hospital so that he is not socked with the upfront cost of the botox. So had to quickly try to find someone else that might be able to give me botox again as it had been over 10 weeks and my eyes have been doing quite poorly.

I did locate a neuro-ophthalmologist here locally and made an appointment with him and got my botox yesterday. Now, I will just wait and see how the injections turn out. He was very nice and has done a little homework apparently since I heard him speak at a support group meeting a year ago. He was able to answer all of my "test" questions and didn't mind me quizzing him on things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

My father developed pneumonia and then had a heart attack the day after Christmas and was in the CCU for 9 days. He is doing very well now.
He became very anxious about things and the medicine that they gave him to calm him down had a rather adverse effect on him. He became very confused and combative and was hurling urinals across the room and trying to "fight off" about 4 male nurses who were only trying to help him. I wound up staying with him in CCU for a couple of very long days to keep him calm.

I got my mom placed in a nursing home and between my two parents and my husband's mother and trying to take over my parents financial affairs and not being able to drive or see very well-it's been quite a load.
I won't go on about all the little problems that together have amounted to quite a bit more than I can handle.

I have missed everyone and will try to find a little time for myself and get back on the bb. I have been reading the bb but just haven't had the time or strength or eye power to post. But since I couldn't sleep tonight, I thought I would check in.

My son is in the process of upgrading my computer and is not quite finished but hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow. He does like to spend my money.

Shirley in Arkansas wide awake at 1:40

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