Posted by charles claytor , Jan 13,2002,13:28   Archive
Thanks to everyone who answered my posting. I need all of the info I can get. I have had this eye problem for about 30 months and am still trying to find out things. I lost my dr the first of the year because of changing hmo but my eyes do not seem to be getting worse without the botular shots. It has been 3 mos since my last shots. I was getting them every 2 mos but I was having trouble with my eyes closing at night. Doew anyone have any comments about this? Thank you in advance Charles Claytor

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Re : thanks --- charles claytor
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Jan 13,2002,22:28 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Charles,
Glad that your botox is still working for you at 3 months. Everyone is different with how long it lasts. So many things factor into it. Your doctor may have hit on the right sites and dosage and that sometimes contributes to our eyes doing better for a longer time or your symptoms just might be better. As a general rule, botox should only be given every 3 months but everyone is different and many people do get the injections every 2 months while others can go much longer. Find a doctor that will work with you on this.

I wouldn't wait too long in trying to find a new doctor, though. Sometimes it takes a while to get in as a new patient.

The botox weakens the eye muscles and frequently because of this, our eyes don't close all the way at night. It is very important to use an eye ointment at night if this happens. A sleep mask also helps. Places like Wal-Mart, Target, drugstores, department and discount stores usually carry them. They don't really keep my eyes closed so right now I am using a stretchy cotton headband that I got from Wal-Mart. Actually I bought several as they were very inexpensive. Just a couple of dollars each. It is a winter headband that is about 2-3 inches wide. It fits snuggley around my head and over my eyes.

Keep asking questions.

Shirley in Arkansas with BEB/Apraxia

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Re: thanks

Re : thanks --- charles claytor
Posted by becca (Becca,becca), Jan 14,2002,17:23 Top of Thread Archive
Hello Charles, I had my botox inj. the 20th of Dec. and my eyes don't close all the way at either I use a gel the ladies here told me about and I wear a mask but it doesn't keep my eyes closed so now I am using what they call paper tape. I was afraid at first I thought it would take my eyelashes out but it doesn't. I didn't use the gel once and my eyeballs hurt so bad I had to put water in them staight out of bed.
good luck ,,,,,,,,, you'll get good advice here from all the people
Cindy in California

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