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The website for the yoga videos I enjoy is They have a wide array of videos, cassettes, cds, and yoga "stuff". I do the Yoga AM and PM videos now and I think I'm going to get the Yoga for Flexibility and the Yoga for Relaxation soon. I truly feel better mentally and physically after I do yoga. It doesn't really help my eyes as much as it helps to clear my mind, put things into perspective, and stretches and relaxes my body overall. I hope you enjoy it.

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Re: Yoga/June/A Miracle

Re : Yoga/June --- Kelly Saffell
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Jan 21,2002,14:54 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks for posting the website Kelly, I'll check it out. I really enjoyed my first class of yoga . The instructor only taught us breathing and stretching and 2 moves. BUT after the class my hips felt like jelly - I went and had a hot shower and low and behold the back (hip/groin, lower back) pain I had been experiencing for 6 months had gone - it was a miracle. Its to note that I had been stretching 20 mins/day for 3 months and got the pain down by about 80%, but the remainder just wouldn't go away - but it did with the yoga! I'm hoping for a complete remission of that pain (beb is enough to handle).

By the sounds of it your support group meeting was a success - that's great!

June in Toronto (beb/meige)

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