hey kelly in dallas

Posted by r coutant , Jan 21,2002,19:07   Archive
when you were successful recently in obtaining disabiliy
did Dr. Merrit more or less level with you and say
their is nothing he can do to improve your beb condition?
is that what it would take from a doctor to be considered
for disability? i'm having a hard time continuing to work
but i don't know if there might be some success in my
future treatments. i just don't know.

rhonda coutant in dallas

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Re: hey kelly in dallas

Re : hey kelly in dallas --- r coutant
Posted by Kelly Saffell , Jan 21,2002,19:53 Top of Thread Archive
I had been his patient for close to 3 years when I finally quit working so I told him I couldn't do it anymore. It was obvious to both of us that the botox only worked "so well" and for "so long" and when I told him I couldn't work anymore he simply asked what he needed to do to help me and I gave him the paperwork. I had short term and long term disability thru my company and didn't apply for ssd until later. He filled out all the paperwork and supported me completely telling them that my condition was "total and permanent." If you are able to take short term disability or a leave of absence for a few months you would have time to see if his treatments will improve you enough or if regardless you can't work.

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